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Bill Gates Got The Most “Surprising” Punishment For Hacking A Computer

Bill Gates Got The Most “Surprising” Punishment For Hacking A Computer:



We all know that Bill Gates is the considered as the richest man in all over the world.Bill Gates whose real name was William Henry Bill Gates was born on october 28,1955 is an American business man,a computer programmer,investor,philanthropist,entrepreneur.


bill gates hacking



Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975,and in very short time Microsoft became the leading PC Software company in the world.We also know his inspirational story of Bill Gates that he manage to live with $2 when he programmed the world first computer game.However,What do you know more about Bill Gates?



Bill Gates was also known as a gud computer hacker in the past and he was also known for his love towards computers and programming.So Today i am gonna share a shocking story of Bill Gates,i hope the large number of people will be unaware of this tragic story of Bill Gates.This story was actually published by The Sydney Morning Herald.



Hacking into Computer System:


In 1986,the first launched of Windows and the story was also included in earlier life of Bill Gates.When he was 15 years old,he was successfully managed to hacked in to a major company’s computer system.But unfortunately, he was got caught by that company.But the amazing thing was his punishment,his punishment was to give up computing for an entire year.





In earlier time the the hacking was not so serious thing,and few rare hacking attempt were recorded back in 1980 t0 1990.Therefore his punishment was that they take away his favourite thing that was his computer for entire year.




But Today,Bill Gates Sits on top of the Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires.Although he was recently downed by another billionaire.But the interesting thing is that he captured his top position back in just few hours. 😛





So my last words are that it requires a lot of hard work, power,experience,and struggling to be a successful,and Bill Gates learned a lot from his life and those experiences have contributed towards his success.



i hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article.Thank you for reading.




Updated: March 26, 2017 — 5:05 pm

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