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How Search Engines Work

Posted on July 1, 2022 by Emilio Moore

Before anyone can start optimizing a web site, you have to understand how search engines operate.

Search engine optimization is the hardest thing to do for a webmaster because there are so many rules to it and you must stay current with all the new search engine optimization methods.

Search engines send out what is know as a robot or some people call them spiders to index your web page. They find web pages by links, When a robot finds a link on a web page it will follow it to that page. Each search engine has it's own robot and each robot behaves different, then other robots. Some robots will index all your web site daily and others will take weeks before they get all your web pages. A spider is a computer software that moves from web page to web page by hyperlinks gathering information.

After a robot has indexed your web page it's sent to a database that holds great deal of other internet sites. After from the database your webpage will be a part of their search engine results. How it indexes your web page and where it puts it on its own search engine results depends upon a variety of factors which are on your website.

Search engines will rank your web page based on the information robots get from indexing. The better you've SEO your site, the higher the ranking.