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Local vs National Keyphrase Searches

Posted on January 6, 2024 by Emilio Moore

When attempting to determine what will be the best search phrases for the industry, probably the most important and overlooked questions is, "MUST I focus nationally or locally? " Sure, most of us desire to be the big fish in the big pond, but let's face it most companies are still wandering around searching for the water's edge!

The the truth is your particular product will determine the very best & most cost-effective path you need to take. If, for example, you're selling dog dietary supplements, then it might be safe to assume you've got a universal audience. If, however, your organization would be to provide specialty haircuts from the 1980s, you might like to concentrate on a much smaller geographic region (suppose Huber Heights, Ohio, for example).

There is a large percentage of businesses which have products and/or services that cover both a regional and national customer base. Let's use our dog food supplement company again. It'll obviously have a solid customer base unilaterally over the city, state, and country. Therefore, it must be going after both regional (usually simpler to garner top ranking), and national search phrases to attract clients.

Sure, it's great having a shiny new site - great design, flash-elements, well crafted content and proper clean coding. But if no-one knows you're there, it's just profit the wind. Remember, because you built it generally does not mean they'll come!.