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Online Marketing in Pakistan

Online Marketing:

As you all know online marketing are getting common and famous day by day. It is also getting famous in Pakistan too. It is an easy way of buying goods. You just don’t have to do anything, just while sitting at your home you get your desired thing at your door step.


Advantages of Online Marketing:

This is very good for some of the people who are really very busy with their lives that they do not even get time to go out for shopping. Also the disables specially at Pakistan cannot move to markets and bazars and usually have to wear whatever they have been given by others, by this facility they can have things and clothes they desire for themselves while sitting at their homes.

Also this is sometimes beneficial because you while sitting in Pakistan can sell or buy things from anywhere in the world and do not have to wait for some relatives living abroad to get you something from there. You just make you order while sitting at home and you’ll get your desired things.



But the bad points as there are always two faces of anything. The only biggest drawback of this online marketing is that people are becoming very very much lazy now a days and this system is paving another brick for it, once the parks started to get empty because children got involved in computer games and now markets will also get empty. Also the system of home delivery of food from different hotels is making people lazy.
You can also not bargain anything on net plus you do not know about the quality of the material you are buying just from the pictures and descriptions. Some webs have facility of paying the bills at the doorsteps but the others can also not be trusted because maybe they take from you the money and do not send you anything. For this plz must must check about the scam activity of the site by searching at google/other webs and only then make your orders.


Nothing can be said good or bad at once it are we who make something good or bad same is the case here. We should practice online marketing also but just getting sticked to it is not good too.

Updated: October 29, 2016 — 6:34 am

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