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Top 5 Dangerous Computer Viruses

Top 5 Dangerous Computer Viruses:

Yes, no doubt about it that computer viruses have made our lives quite and rather miserable. We are sharing the details and information of top 5 most dangerous computer viruses, have a look at their details and prepare yourself to get to rid from these viruses right away before your system gets corrupted.

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Number 5:

we have SQL Slammer and this virus started in the year of 2003 and was considered and ranked as one the first fileless worm that has the potential and capacity to infect more than 75000 vulnerable hosts in only 10 minutes.

This virus always attack on the servers and it generates random IP addresses and release and injects the worm to those IP addresses. From the sources, we came to that this virus and worm can cause $950 million and $1.2 billion loss to the companies.


Number 4:

we have Code Red and it emerged in the year of. If there is any flaw in the Microsoft information server, then this virus known by the name of code red will instantly and right away affect that server. It is one of the deadly viruses been identified so far and for this virus you do not have to open any email or file, this virus only needs an internet connection, the minute you will be connected with the internet, this virus will be injected in your server.

From the history, it has been witnessed that this virus has brought down 400,000 servers and total damage was $2.6 billion dollar.



Number 3:

we have Sobig F that was emerged in the year of August 2003. If we talk about the damage and loss done by this virus, then Sobig F caused a wide-ranging damage of $3 billion – $4 billion and it has so far infected 2 million PCs all over the world.


Number 2:

we have ILOVEYOU and it emerged in the year of 2000. It is one of the trickiest computer malware. The virus basically and primarily gets injected by sending an e-mail that has a subject line “ILOVEYOU”. This virus has caused damage up to $5.5 billion.

Number 1:

we have My Doom that was explored on 26th January 2004. It has caused damage up to $38 billion. This virus or malware has so far the most tricky tips to inject virus into any server or software.


Updated: October 29, 2016 — 6:55 am

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