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Top 10 Upcoming Fighting Games in 2017

Top 10 Upcoming Fighting Games in 2017:

Today i will post an article about top 10 upcoming fighting games in 2017.I hope fighting games lovers will love it,because all the games am gonna post are too amazing and interesting.Lets go to our top 10 upcoming fighting games in 2017.



10.Games is Shadow Fight 3:

As intricate as it’s sophisticated. Nekki returns with Shadow Fight 3 with a fistful of new features.Its new 3D Element brings new depth to its gameplay and of course, an integrated shadow fighting system with 3 different classes.It is a free-to-play game on PC, Android and iOS.


shadow fight 3



9.Combat Core:

Its a 3D Arena fighting game that pits players into a battle royal of colorful proportions.Inspired from games such as Smash, it proves to be one hell of a fighting game and it has been greenlite on steam.Characters are customizable from skill, stats and a unique Combat Core mechanic to power up your character with crazy abilities. Not to mention this game supports Oculus Riftas well.


combat core



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8.One Piece  Burning Blood:

Yes, we know that this game went sailing in the PS4 and Xbox One with… let’s say…mixed reviews? But that does not stop Bandai Namco for unleashing their cell-shaded fighting game to the PC.The game remains the same in terms of game play and character selection. However, their homage to the One Piece canon never falters the fans.


one piece burning blood



7. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2:

The sequel to the three-dimensional fighting game offers over 9000 (R.I.P. Meme) surprises to respect its fanbase and the Dragon ball community.Set two years after the first game, it has added features including new characters, anew story and a very impressive “Avatar Transformation”.
Now almost everyone gets to go “super”.Hopefully we get to see Mister Popo transform.


dragon game



6.WWE 2K17:

The 18th entry to the WWE franchise brings forth another dose of  greatness.The game features a new roster including Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Asuka, the recently departed Chyna and so much more.Some of the old rosters will also remain including John Cena.


wwe 2k17


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Central Fiction The wheel of fate is turning once more. Starting out as an arcade game in Japan (again…),Central Fiction follows the events of Chrono Phantasma and concludes its Azure Saga.A specialized Distortion Drive called the “Exceed Accel” adds more depth to its fighting gameplay. Also, to move its wheels, the game adds new playable characters for extra edginess.

blaze blue



4.Absolver :

A game that could potentially change the concept of fighting genres. This indie game boasts of a multiplayer content mixed with RPG, Open-world,Teamwork and Adventure elements.Presenting an online experience similar to Journey, players are pitted into a quest to maintain trust or betrayal along the road.Developer Digital promises a dynamic fighting system where players can customize their own style and explore into its fallen empire.






3.The King of Fighters XIV:

Just recently added to our top amazing games this coming August 2016, The King of Fighters Fourteen strays away from its 2D art style and enhances the three-dimensional field.New characters are up to the challenge, new story mode and a new competition to determinethe real King of Fighters.What awaits the challenger?


the king of fighters XIV




2.Tekken 7:

This ninth installment to the beloved franchise marks the end of the Mishima Clan saga. It’s darker and filled with Heihachi and Kazuya’s rage.The release of new and diverse characters such as the Filipino Josie Rizal, The Arabic Shaheen, Street Fighter’s Akuma and many more makes Tekken a worthy franchise to the fighting scene.

Tekken 7



1.InJustice 2:

And the most anticipated Fighting Game of all time is Injustice 2 Amazing power armors, Super Girl, Gorilla Grodd and super hero-fueled intensity makes Injustice 2.

The power of Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC giants in this adrenaline-pumped power play.With a new character customization feature and upgraded visuals, Nether Realm brings out its best fighting game yet.

injustice 2


Thank you for reading.

Updated: March 26, 2017 — 5:07 pm


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